Welcome to TECOMATCH, the comprehensive guide to edgeband matches from SURTECO UK.



TECOMATCH is the definitive guide for all UK board processors and is an invaluable resource for specifiers and designers.


TECOMATCH provides details of all the major Melamine Faced Chipboards used in the UK, cross referenced against TECOLINE, one of the largest ranges of melamine edgebands available manufactured by BauschLinnemann.


All TECOLINE designs featured in this catalogue are produced in single layer melamine material to BauschLinnemann exacting standards. 


Those indicated with a yellow background can be found in the UK Collection swatch. Those indicated with a light blue background can be found in the German BL Speed collection swatch.


Please check for availability of all items prior to ordering.


In designing this brochure, we have resisted the temptation to produce a glossy printed catalogue.  We realise that the market is continually changing and have therefore designed TECOMATCH to make it as easy as possible to update at regular intervals.


Whilst we have endeavored to select the best possible matches for the boards in this catalogue, the assessment of designs is always subjective.  We strongly recommend you compare a sample with your selected board before placing your order.


We look at our matches using an industry standard light box under D65 lighting (artificial daylight).  Where this is not available we recommend comparisons are made using natural daylight.


This catalogue was correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of printing, but designs are constantly being introduced and deleted within the industry.  If the design you are seeking is not here, please ask us if we have a match.  Conversely, please check with us that the design you have selected is still available.


We trust that you will find TECOMATCH a useful resource. 

If you require samples or any further information please do not hesitate to contact us:


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Email: info@uk.surteco.com

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